A Few Sailing Shots


My wife took a few shots from the shore so I can see how the boat was performing. These boats definately like to dig in a sit on that chine. Sailing at Richmond CA, in 5-7 knots with gusts to 10. Last photo you can see the rotating mast aligning well with the wind flow. 

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It Swims!


Been away from this blog for ages (sorry for all the missing build pics). After a year of doing nothing towards finishing the boat, we finally got our i550 finished in the past two months and hit the San Fancisco Bay yesterday. Few teething issues, but nothing serious. Light winds, but we were still the fastest boat out on the water. Handles beautifully and the rotating mast is a real winner. 




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It Sails!


So we took my Honey out sailing for the first time on a beautiful and windy day.  Overall she performed beautifully.  Pointed well, reached fast, light on the helm, and very nimble. 

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Columbia Crossings Cup 2012


Click the title to see all the pictures!

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I tried to have someone take a video, but they ended up having to help flip her over.  

The Honey felt rock solid throughout the flip and the bottom looks beautiful.  I think the jig really does the trick.

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Ready to flip


The last few weeks have gone by too fast.  Since we last spoke, my friends and I have gotten a lot done.


The cockpit had been carboned over the topside, so we took the whole thing off the boat, finished the underside of the cockpit with tapes and a couple coats of epoxy.  We made sure everything was ready on the boat, and glued her back on.  Permanently.  

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Now its black


She looks so different with a deck on her.  Though its gotta come off to finish the underside before it will get permanently glued to the boat.  No tapes, just one layer of bi on top of some coves.  

Thanks to Kenyon for all the time he's put in the past week.

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It's White!!


The Honey got painted over the past week.  I used an airless gun to spray 2 coats of interprotect 3000 which is an epoxy coating made by Interlux.  The finish came out very nice and shiny looking.  

I had to leave the cedar stringers forward clear coated, which adds a really nice wood look.  The underside of the foredeck will also be clearcoated.  This weekend I can start on the deck!  

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Cold January nights....


Heres a quick update on my progress, sorry its taken so long.  

I've installed the bunks, and sealed the compartments underneath them.

The clamprail is installed aft and I fitted the forward clamprail this evening.

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